How to Answer: What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

Top reasons why interviewers love this question: Everyone has weaknesses. Most interviewers want to see how you identify your own and realistic plans to improve them. They want to keep the applicant talking and get a general feel of the person. Sometimes the answer doesn't really matter to interviewers. Some are lazy and simply Googled "interview questions". #1 … [Read more...]

21 Things Only Developers Will Understand

[adsense_leaderboard] 1. When you try to fix a bug. 2. Can't wait for weekend! [adsense_center] 3. When you finally solved a bug. 4. How programmers fix blinds. 5. Casting every data type to string to get a table to merge correctly. 6. When coworkers ask me to look at their code. Now look at mine! 7. Extreme pair programming. Look at his left … [Read more...]

27 Things Only People Working In Retail Will Understand

1. When you're on the way to your break and a customer asks for your help. 2. Sorry but there's no magic in the back... 3. Customers, take note. [adsense_center] 4. When an item isn't scanning and the customer says "So it's free then!" ... Can … [Read more...]

12 Signs You Are A Wantrepreneur Even If You Don’t Feel You Are


First type of wantrepreneur: Always talking about starting a business, but never actually does. There's also another type of wantrepreneur: Those who started a real company and does things below. 1. Post motivational and inspiring quotes on Facebook regularly. 2. Coffee meeting. Tons of it. 3. Don't forgot to post it on Facebook and Instagram. #hastag #is #very … [Read more...]

19 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To

[adsense_leaderboard] 1. You become the computer repair guy. Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem. 2. You suddenly forget how to code because... Stack Overflow is down. Stack Overflow is now experiencing a DDoS attack. We are working to mitigate. — StackExchange Status (@StackStatus) May 6, 2015 @StackStatus can you please Stack Overflow to fix Stack … [Read more...]