19 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To


1. You become the computer repair guy.

Can you fix my computer
Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem.

2. You suddenly forget how to code because… Stack Overflow is down.

@StackStatus can you please Stack Overflow to fix Stack Overflow? I’ve no idea what I’m doing right now. [adsense_center]

3. When you change one line of code.

When you change one line of code
Lake8737 / LiveLeak

4. When you try to solve a bug.

Fixed a bug but more bugs come out
John Edmark / Vimeo

5. When someone interrupts you.

6. Or maybe no one interrupts you, but you want to pee…


7. End user have no idea how to use your software.

end user
TheMike / YouTube


8. Critical issue… cannot reproduce.

Can't reproduct bug
tomzorzhu / Reddit

9. JavaScript.

10. When your manager thought more developer means faster development.

When manager thought more developer means faster

11. More tasks on Friday afternoon.

More tasks on Friday afternoon

12. Hey can you please add a button before it goes live?

When client wants to change requirements at last minute
AFV Kids / YouTube

I mean, it shouldn’t take too long right?

13. CSS in a nutshell.

BloodrootKid / Reddit

14. This code looks like crap, let me refactor it.

Code refactoring

15. When you try to fix something else’s code.

When you try to fix something elses code
GoPro / YouTube

Congratulations, it’s now your problem!

16. Everyone thought you are a hacker.

Everyone thought you are a hacker

Hey can you help me to hack John’s Facebook?

17. When you read other people’s code.

Reading other people's code

18. When you are given 2 days instead of 3. Because you don’t have leadership skills.

When you have 2 days instead of 3.
Scott Adams / Dilbert

19. This sums up programming.

Sums up programming
Malcolm in the Middle / FOX

It’s OK developers. At the end of the day software developer is still one of the best jobs in the world!

Software developer is the 3rd best job in US
The 100 Best Jobs / U.S. News

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