10 Secrets Companies Don’t Want You To Know

1. iPhone 6 costs $200 to make. Apple is selling it at $649.

iPhone real cost

Ever heard of OnePlus One? It’s well-known among tech-savvy users, but little-known to general users. Priced at $298, it has similar specs with iPhone 6 and other flagship phones. According to the co-founder, they are selling the phone basically at cost.

2. Hot Dog is yummy, but a hot dog a day increase your risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. They are as bad as cigarettes.

hot dog

Watch this video of how hot dog is made.

Eat less processed foods and more raw foods.

Source: PCRM.org


3. The fajitas you order aren’t actually sizzling. Most of the time they just spray some water or “sizzle sauce” to give you the illusion that it’s sizzling.

Photo by Koji Horaguchi / Flickr
Photo by Koji Horaguchi / Flickr

Source: Reddit

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is awesome, but do you know it’s just melamine foam? You can get unbranded ones with much lower price.

Photo by Whoisjohngalt/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Whoisjohngalt/CC BY-SA 3.0/ Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia

5. You can ask for full refund within 24 hours of your flight ticket purchase.

Photo by James Whatley / Flickr
Photo by James Whatley / Flickr

Source: DOT.gov

6. Licensed establishments in UK must serve free tap water on request.


Source: Legislation.gov.uk

7. $5 and $100 HDMI cables are the same. If you’re spending more than $5 for a 2-meter HDMI cable, you’re overpaying.


No, you won’t get better sound and graphic quality with expensive HDMI cables.

Source: CNET

8. If a telemarketer calls you, don’t hang up. Just say: “Please put me on your do not call list.”.

Photo by georgereyes / Flickr
Photo by georgereyes / Flickr

If you hang up immediately, telemarketer will just mark your number as “no answer” and call you back.

Source: LifeHacker.com


9. Do you know that most store honey isn’t honey? They are heavily processed, blended with sugar or corn syrup. Buy local honey instead.


The nastier it looks, the better it usually is. Support local beekeepers!

Source: FoodSafetyNews.com

10. Shades cost $3 – 5 to make. You are spending a few hundred bucks on the brand name.


Ever heard of Luxottica? It owns over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, Sears Optical, Target Optical, and a lot more (full list on Wikipedia). Luxottica uses its monopoly position to severely inflate the cost. It is an incredible rip off.

Buying sunglasses and prescription glasses online saves you significantly more, with virtually no difference in terms of quality. Most provide free home try-on. Try 39dollarglasses.com, ZenniOptical.com, and Goggles4U.com.

Source: RawStory.com

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