12 Signs You Are A Wantrepreneur Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

First type of wantrepreneur: Always talking about starting a business, but never actually does. There’s also another type of wantrepreneur: Those who started a real company and does things below.

1. Post motivational and inspiring quotes on Facebook regularly.

Motivational quote on Facebook

2. Coffee meeting. Tons of it.

Coffee meeting

3. Don’t forgot to post it on Facebook and Instagram.

Startup life photo

#hastag #is #very #important #to #express #your #rich #inner #feelings #the #world #must #know #you #are #motivated


4. You read tons of books related to startup. You love motivational talks. Your favourite movies are:

Columbia Pictures
Open Road Films

5. Sounds familiar?

Hipster technology

6. You are passionate about [the stuff you working on].

I apologize if it’s an understatement.

7. Attends tons of startup events, talks, and meetups to share your vision.

Startup events

8. When people ask about your startup:

Company vision

We want to make the world a better place.

9. Pool table, snacks, foosball are compulsory.


It’s important to stay cool. More important than acquiring your first customer.


10. Things don’t work? Just pivot.


Because The Lean Startup said so.

11. Your Facebook page:

Facebook page

192 likes, not bad! How many left if you exclude friends, employees and family members?

12. Most importantly, your startup is not growing as expected and failed to acquire paying customers.

10 - 50 App Downloads

If you are a wantrepreneur, is time to validate your business model and cut down all the bullshit. Put in real work and be willing to sacrifice.


Facebook Conversations

At least I’m not an annoying pop-up

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