21 Things Only Developers Will Understand

[adsense_leaderboard] 1. When you try to fix a bug. 2. Can't wait for weekend! [adsense_center] 3. When you finally solved a bug. 4. How programmers fix blinds. 5. Casting every data type to string to get a table to merge correctly. 6. When coworkers ask me to look at their code. Now look at mine! 7. Extreme pair programming. Look at his left … [Read more...]

19 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To

[adsense_leaderboard] 1. You become the computer repair guy. Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem. 2. You suddenly forget how to code because... Stack Overflow is down. Stack Overflow is now experiencing a DDoS attack. We are working to mitigate. — StackExchange Status (@StackStatus) May 6, 2015 @StackStatus can you please Stack Overflow to fix Stack … [Read more...]