27 Things Only People Working In Retail Will Understand

1. When you’re on the way to your break and a customer asks for your help.

G4BreakingNews / YouTube
G4BreakingNews / YouTube

2. Sorry but there’s no magic in the back…

3. Customers, take note.


4. When an item isn’t scanning and the customer says “So it’s free then!”

… Can we not do this.

5. When you say hi and the customer ignores you.


7. When a customer tells you about the coupons they have but left at home.




  • Why my coupon doesn’t work?
  • I want a full refund. No, I don’t have my receipt.
  • I’ll have you know, my husband’s a lawyer.

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10. When customer leaves without taking their receipt.


11. When a customer complains about something you can do nothing about.

Edward Scissorhands / Fox
Edward Scissorhands / Fox

12. Nothing happens. Nothing.

13. My face when customer asks a ridiculously dumb question.

14. When a customer starts a rant or argument.

15. When the manager calls and asks anyone is available for overtime.

The Simpsons / FOX

16. How it feels leaving work just as it starts getting busy.

Bluedit5 / Reddit




20. When a rude customer gets their card declined.

Saturday Night Live / NBC



Now if only the rest that are still shopping would leave…

22. Black Friday… A black day indeed.

black friday


24.When people walk in at closing.

The Real Housewives / Bravo

I’ll be quick I promise!

*30 minutes later…*

25. This.

opalclit / Tumblr

26. Happens Every. Single. Day.

via Reddit

27. Knew I can do it!

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